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Guarantee Statement                        

BannerStandNextDay Guarantees the highest quality of digital and large format printing and simply offers:                                                                     
- 100% Refund or reprint on any defective print orders
- 100% Free expedited reprint on any orders lost in transit and shipping
- 50% Refund for every business day that your order is printed late

And BannerStandNextDay will review your uploaded les for print compatibility at NO charge or obligation!

We Simply Guaranty if we start printing your les, there will be no printing issue.

We will review:
1. File Dimenssion
2. Accurate Bleed, Safety and Trim Areas (Elements that are not within the safe zone
3. Print Quality (Print Resolution)
4. Acceptable File Format: Photoshop (PSD, JPG, TIFF, PNG), Illustrator (Ai, EPS), PDF, Indesign.
5. Suitable Color Mode (CMYK over RGB)
6. Correct Panel Alignment and folding(for jobs requiring paneling)

BannerStandNextDay makes it easy for you to create Banner Stands, Table Throws, Back Drops, Tarde Show backgrounds
with online instant proof as well as provides amazing products and deals.

Please note that due to the nature of full-color printing (CMYK), we cannot print every color available. We do not color match;
therefore, we oer print industry's standard phrase of respectable color and will make every rational eort to print your
product as close to the colors you have provided as possible.

We offer 14 Days Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee to our customers for the print products that we sell. This includes all our products.
If you are not entirely satised (because you notice a legitimate issue) with the nished printed product you can send it back
to us for a full refund of the printing cost only. You will receive an email notication that your les are print-ready or in
case there is any problem!

Retractable banner stand, tarde show displays and Table covers next day
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